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K-4 - Four Year Old Daycare Program


Our Four Year Old's

Our K-4 program is designed for children who will enter kindergarten the following school year. This program builds on the preschool curriculum, with an additional emphasis on skills that prepare them for kindergarten. Educational activities offer experiences in language, math, science, social studies, music and art. Teachers encourage the growth of each child’s self-esteem, cultural identity, independence and individual strengths. Children are developing control of their own behavior through the guidance and support of professional, caring teachers who use their expertise to provide for each child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual needs.


Other areas of content in our K-4 program include; recognizing lower and uppercase letters and letter sounds, orientation to a book, identifying rhyming words, and writing their name, following directions, fine motor skills (holding pencils and scissors), color recognition, counting, 1 to 1 correspondence, and number recognition 1 - 20. We also encourage your child to do the following: use the restrooms independently, put on their jacket and clothes independently, sit in a group, during circle time for a reasonable amount of time, attend to a story or activity, carry on a conversation, and adhere to simple class rules. Additionally, your child's curiosity, independence and self-confidence are fostered through the use of center play activities. As for our curriculum - our trained staff prepare lesson plans through thematic units. Our units are carefully organized to correlate directly to the Virginia Standards of Learning. We enhance your child's understanding and enjoyment of the presented units through manipulative toys, art experiences and field trips.


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