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Program Overview

                                                                     OUR PROGRAMS                                                                      

We are here to accommodate your life and provide exceptional daycare service whether you are a working parent, or a stay at home parent. You choose the program that meets your family's needs.

Full Week - 5 Full Days of Daycare 

Partial Week - Less than 5 Full Days of Daycare but no less than 2 Full Days

Half Day Programs - 5 Hours or Less a Day / Partial or Full Weeks

Preschool Only - 9 a.m.-11a.m - 5 Days a Week

All programs include curriculum units such as art, music, math, science, social studies, life skills such as good nutrition habits, table manners and appropriate social behaviors as well as self-help skills such as potty training, buttoning, zipping, tying shoes and healthy homework habits. All children, regardless of race, color, gender, national and ethnic background, religious beliefs, or differing abilities, are equal, and participate in our non-discriminatory environment. We are a licensed childcare facility, meeting and exceeding the regulations established by the Virginia Department of Social Services, as well as the local and health regulations.

Children are assigned to specific classes according to their age or developmental level. Our day consist of Circle Time, Hands on Learning, Center Play and Outside Activity on our natural playground or in our indoor sporting facility.      The afternoon program provides your child with supervised activities in the areas of curriculum review, games, music, story time and creative play.

Our school is staffed with trained, enthusiastic individuals who have been selected not only for their educational background and experience, but also for their understanding and dedication to young children. Staff training is an ongoing process. Our teachers participate in center-wide training sessions, professional workshops and college-level courses with endorsements a mile long in education!

Your Child's Daily Schedule 

Outside Times and Eating Times Vary Depending on the Age of your Child

5:30-8:15          Good Morning, Free Play, Tabletop Activities

8:15-8:45          Breakfast

8:45-9:00          Prepare for Circle Time

9:00-9:30          Circle Time

9:30-10:00        Activity Time, One on One Instruction with Rotation of Center Play

10:00-11:00      Outside or Jumpy House Play

11:00-11:15      Prepare for Lunch - Washing Hands

11:15-11:45      Lunch

11:45-12:00      Prepare for Nap - Story Time

12:00-2:00        Nap

2:00-2:15          Wake up Prepare for Snack- Potty, Washing of Hands

2:15-2:45          Snack

2:45-3:00          Prepare for Activity

3:00-4:00          Play, Play, Play (Outside or Jumpy House Play)

4:00-4:30          P.M. Circle Time: Review morning Curriculum

4:30-5:15          Center or Free Play with Friends

5:15-6:00          Clean up: Prepare for Departure, Group Games, and/or Stories



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